Frequently Asked Question


** Note:  S9N-NYC server-authentication is wholly separate from S9N-Core in Little Rock –meaning that your login to this site, email, and storage will all be maintained separately.

  • Web Site
    • Authentication  — registration is handled on this site, and you can get started simply by selecting ‘Register’ from the upper-left bar on the front page of this site.
      • Account Linking — Once you have registered your account for this site, you may then link your Google and/or Facebook account and use the linked account to login –this will allow you to optionally login with the linked account without having to remember your password for your account on this site.

  • Email
    • Authentication
      • How to change your email password
        • Open the following page, login ( + your-password), and select ‘Change Password’.  Follow that page’s instructions to complete the process of updating your email password.
      • Logging into Webmail
        • While the login-form for our webmail system has ’email’ listed as the login-ID, if your mailbox is hosted on ‘’ specifically, then you can login with just your username (leaving off the ‘’ part).
      • Email Client configuration
        • imaps:
          • port: 993
        • SMTPS:
          • port: 465
                            • Note: We do not support unencrypted email access of any type, and we do not support POP3 protocol which is inherently insecure.

  • Jitsi – Video Conferencing
    • Our Jitsi conference address:
      • Note:  Logged-in users can easily join our conference by simply selecting ‘Video Chat’ from the menu-bar above.

  • Cloud Storage
    • Address:
      • This service is hosted in Little Rock, Arkansas, separate from all of the other services listed above.
      • Keep in mind that your user-ID & password for this site must be set by S9N’s Administrator, so if you need to change that password, send the admin an email and it be coordinated.  Currently, however, in the interest of maintaining strict security standards, we do not allow access from the internet to perform password changes to accounts that affect this system –although that *is* a planned feature, it’s just not currently ready for deployment.
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